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This unique DVD presents a fascinating look back at bygone Wycombe. Covering the period from the 1830s to the 1950s, its shows the dramatic changes that took place during that time and recalls significant events in the towns past such as the coming of the railway, the growth of the chair-making industry, and the impact of two world wars.

It also provides glimpses of many aspects of everyday life in old Wycombe, including the days when stagecoaches rattled along High Street, the appalling conditions in the towns slums, the controversy around the Wycombe Hiring fair, and the chaotic scenes that often surrounded the cattle market. We also discover why naked bathing in the Dyke was banned, why cows once wandered unattended through the town centre, what happened when a man sold his wife in Wycombe market, and why Wycombe weighs its mayor in public.

The DVD is narrated by award winning actor, Howard Ellison.

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