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Kevin Brownlow’s devastating film reveals what our nation would have been like if the Battle of Britain had been lost and the Nazis had succeeded in invading in 1940. Rigorous in detail and packed with shocking, recreated images of what an occupied Britain would have resembled, this is essential viewing for anyone interested in the period.

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‘The German invasion of England took place in July 1940 after the British retreat from Dunkirk. Strongly resisted at first, the German army took many months to restore order. But the resistance movement, lacking outside support, was finally crushed. Then, in 1944, the resistance movement reappeared.’ That is what happened when history was re-written: Nazi Germany has won the Second World War and England is under occupation. Kevin Brownlow was only 18 when he and Andrew Mollo – just 16 – embarked on this ambitious neorealist-tinged drama, which took eight years to complete. The result is a chilling and timely reminder of what might have been had Nazism not been defeated.

“A tour-de-force of imaginative recreation” – Evening Standard

“Provocative, thoughtful and shock providing” – Daily Mirror

“Makes the blood run cold” – New York Sunday Times

“An Orwellian nightmare” – Newsweek

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