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50 mins.

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This really is a little gem: a selection of archive films from the collection of John Snell and his 16mm camera.

John Snell has been a follower of railways since childhood days and has been involved in preservation too for many years.

Pure nostalgia!  Steam locomotives – dirty, noisy, inefficient – but above all alive! Here’s how we remember them – when they were working for their living, bought back to you from the golden age of the 1950s and 1960s by an evocative record of everyday steam.

From revenue freight trains on the narrow gauge lines in Wales, from brake van rides behind a ‘Deans Goods’ to Hopton Incline, from British Railway’s crack expresses on the Western Region and on the other side of the Channel, to France, to film the ‘Fleche d’Or’.

This rare archive film was all originated on 16mm film for outstanding clarity and truly relives the past.

The outstanding quality of the film is a marvellous record from the period.

Approx. 30 minutes black & white footage.

Approx. 20 minutes colour footage.

Total Approx. 50 minutes.

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