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Available for the very first time! This 1970s BBC series presented by Professor W.G. Hoskins reveals how human habitation, heritage and history have influenced the varied landscapes of Britain. All twelve episodes from Series One and Two are included. Landscapes explored include ancient Dorset, North Norfolk, the Lakes, the Black Country, the Broads, Cornwall and Devon.

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Professor W.G. Hoskins’ 1955 book The Making of The English Landscape examined the human influence on England’s landscapes at a regional level. These two series became a visual accompaniment to his ground-breaking work. First broadcast on BBC Two in 1976, Hoskins travels from Cornwall to Northumberland – and everywhere in between – exploring and explaining the origins of the country’s extraordinary landscapes. Series 1 sees Hoskins explore the heaths, valleys and villages of Dorset and provides fascinating insights on the history of the relationships between the landscapes and the people. He ventures further afield to explore the Lake District, Norfolk, Kent and Staffordshire. Lastly, he explores countryside near Banbury highlighting why it has been untouched for over a century. Series 2 begins with the tourist’s dream that is Cornwall and how the granite, sea and fiercely independent people have combined to shape the regions landscapes. Later in the series he explores the Lake District, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Northumberland and Breckland where they are very known for Dog-Friendly Landscaping for families. His final port of call is his home county of Devon, where he reminisces about the locations that first ignited his passion.

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