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All shot on 35mm cinema-quality colour film, these collections of stunning newsreels from the 1960s are some of the most admirable British documentaries ever made. Many have remained unseen since their first screening decades ago and are presented here – digitally restored, complete and uncut. A real treat! This volume presents 45 memorable films featuring everything from the Black Arrows’ daring acrobatics to military survival techniques, and from sea mine clearance to the valour of Victoria Cross holders.

Full description from the producer:

Look at Life was a regular series of short documentary films produced in the 1960s by the Special Features Division of the Rank Organisation and screened in their Odeon and Gaumont cinemas – replacing the circuit’s newsreel, Universal News, which had become largely irrelevant with the advent of television news broadcasts. Marvellously concise and beautifully shot, these ‘slice of life’ colour featurettes – numbering over 500 episodes in total – presented cinemagoers with varied aspects of contemporary British life.

Digitally restored from the original film elements, this volume presents 45 memorable films offering fascinating insights into varied aspects of British military life, with many unseen since their first screening. From the Black Arrows’ daring acrobatics to military survival techniques and from sea mine clearance to the valour of Victoria Cross holders – this exceptional three disc set features coverage of significant military achievements from throughout the 1960s.

The Black Arrows
The acrobatic team who performed daring manoeuvres in jets capable of more than 700mph.
Ceremonial Soldier
As we see, the sentries at Buckingham Palace are still highly efficient soldiers.
Soldier Abroad
A soldier’s life at the HQ of the Third Royal Tank Regiment in Detmold, West Germany.
Under the Rocket
Life at the rocket range in Woomera, Australia, through the eyes of a young REME corporal and his wife.
Thunder in Waiting
The deadly cargo of the Vulcan Bomber is a crucial part of Britain’s deterrent force.
A Piece of Cake
A film about the parachutists of the RAF.
Return to Arms
A study of the new West German army.
A glimpse of life and work in a submarine.
The Rocket-Age Lancers
Looking to the future with the 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers.
Air Umbrella
A look at NATO’s international squadrons, with footage of the F104 Starfighter.
Flight Deck
The aircraft carrier is now the nerve centre of any large naval operation.
Refuelling both in the air and at sea.
Girls Ahoy!
Formed in wartime, the Women’s Royal Naval Service is still going strong.
A look at survival techniques with Peter Whittingham and RAF expert Jock Wishart.
Muscle Men
A fast-moving film with enough vigour to prove that muscle and brawn still count!
Action This Day
The tough training of the Royal Marine Commandos – some of Britain’s finest fighting men.
Char and Wad
The work of the NAAFI – from Kuwait to Gibraltar, Germany to Cyprus.
Test Pilot
A look at the RAF Lightning, supersonic watchdog of Britain’s skies.
Rendered Safe
A look at the work of a bomb disposal squad.
The Last Battleship
The life and death of HMS Vanguard, and the uses to which her steel will be put.
A look at the DUKW and other amphibious military craft.
Turning Blades
The world of the helicopter in 1962; from the Belvedere to the experimental Rotodyne VTOL craft.
Plumbing the Depths
A fi lm showing the importance of surveying the world’s seas and oceans.
Golden Wings
A look at various aircraft, including the Blackburn monoplane, the Sopwith Pup and the Hart.
The Black Watch
The Queen Mother visits the Black Watch on the banks of the Tay.
Girls of the Air
The girls behind the men who fly: members of the WRAF.
The Sky’s the Limit
Aerobatics, born of necessity in World War I, now form part of the RAF’s training.
Forward, March!
The infantryman is the indispensable soldier of the British Army.
Doctor On Call
A look at a remarkable flying doctor service based near Kuala Lumpur.
A film showing Britain’s trouble-shooters, the Royal Marines, in Sarawak.
Under One Umbrella
The story of how three fighting services were united under one command – the MOD.
The Price of Valour
An insight into the lives of some of the holders of the Victoria Cross.
The Jet Folk
We see the impact of the United States Third Air Force, stationed in Britain.
Drummers of the Queen
A look at the little-known Junior Guardsmen’s Company.
The Flying Soldier
A look at helicopter training within the British Army.
The Cherry-Pickers
Following the 11th Hussars from Hanover to Coburg.
Jumping Jets
The revolutionary vertical take-off capacity of the RAF Kestrel.
Air Lift
How transport command of the RAF keeps Zambia’s economy alive.
Down to Earth
Following WRAF girls as they trek into the jungle.
East of Suez
More than 50,000 British soldiers, sailors and airmen police the rivers and jungles of Borneo.
School for Skymen
A glimpse into the world of the RAF College at Cranwell.
Moving Day
How the headquarters of NATO was moved from France to Belgium.
Free Fall
The story of the Falcons – free-fall professionals.
Jumping for Joy
The story of the Royal Green Jackets Skydiving Team.
Underwater Menace
Dealing with the hazardous legacy of World War II.

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