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This superb DVD combines past news reports, old photographs of Stourbridge and archive cine-film to paint a fascinating picture of life in the town over more than a century. The first edition of a newspaper covering Stourbridge, the County Express, was published on January 5th 1867, and the events, the stories, the gossip, the adverts, the letters and the opinions reflected in its pages over the years bring to life the Stourbridge of old and illustrate just how much things have changed.

The coming of the railway, the impact of two world wars, good times and bad, controversy, tragedy, celebrations and landmarks in our history were all documented in the County Express. ‘Looking back at Stourbridge’ brings together this priceless archive of local life, hundreds of wonderful old photographs and some remarkable cine film, including unique footage of the town centre before, during and after construction of the ring road. This is a fascinating picture of life in Stourbridge over more than a century.

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