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Rediscover bygone Worcester with historic photographs and previously unseen private cine film! From the coming of the railway to royal visits, the DVD sweeps you through history with highlights including the last trams, river life, the old Victorian slums, flooding and a special feature on life in Worcester during WWII.

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This superb DVD draws on the archives of the Journal combined with a wonderful collection of old photographs and cine film to present a fresh and entertaining look back at the Worcester of old. Discover how many aspects of life have changed dramatically over the centuries, while some are as familiar now as when the paper was first printed. The heyday of the stagecoach; the coming of the railway; the first motor cars; the last days of the trams; life on the river; floods; Victorian slums; and royal visits are all part of this remarkable story. The DVD also includes a special feature about Worcester in the Second World War. It recalls the Worcestershire hero who organised the evacuation of Dunkirk; the incredible tale of the elite members of the Worcester Home Guard who trained secretly to fight to the bitter end; and the day when German bombs brought death to the city’s streets. The DVD is beautifully narrated by award winning actor Howard Ellison.

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