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This DVD boasts a genuine piece of rare treasure: original 1912 film of the Titanic. This precious footage was found in a garden shed in England, where it had been lying for 86 years, by a 90 year old lady  You can now marvel at  the only film footage ever taken of the Titanic in 1912, and also the only film footage of the aftermath of this maritime tragedy.

The film includes shots of the Titanic at Belfast before leaving to start the fateful maiden voyage; the ice flows where she hit the berg; the rescue ship Carpathia returning with survivors; women from New York bringing clothing to the docks to comfort survivors; a 1937 radio interview with Charles Herbert Lightoller, the most senior officer to survive and much, much more. We talk to the woman who found the astonishing film footage and also to Millvina Dean, one of only two survivors still alive in Britain (at the time of the filming) who continues to tell her story of the tragedy.

Presented by Fred Dinenage.

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