Classic TVSpiritMorecambe & Wise: The Complete BBC Collection (20 Discs, Subtitles, Cert PG)

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Morecambe and Wise are arguably the greatest comedy double act ever to grace our TV screens. The fabulous mixture of sketches, musical numbers, insights into their ‘home’ life’ and the play’s ‘wot Ernie wrote’ brought them audiences in the millions. On stage they were living legends with Eric’s raised eyebrows, Des O’Connor jibes and cheeky catchphrases putting every audience in the palm of their hands. And, of course, the stars – from Shirley Bassey and Elton John to Laurence Olivier and Glenda Jackson – lined up to join in the fun.  This complete BBC collection includes nine series and five Christmas Specials and features every memorable moment of Eric and Ernie’s BBC career including the legendary Singin’ in the Rain, the famous André Previn appearances and the acclaimed Breakfast Stripper sketch – as well as every shoulder-and-cheek slap, Luton Town reference and “Not Now Arthur!” in between.



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