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2 hrs.

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Another two action-packed hours of the very best UK steam and heritage diesel action! Highlights include 6024, 60163 and 71000 on the Torbay Express and British Pullman, 9466 on the Looe branch, Yeovil 150 Open Days, 46115 to Dorset, Tornado to Swanage and Mid-Hants, 5043 on ‘The Bristolian’, T9 30120’s first trains at Bodmin, Barry 10’s handover, the Dorset Coast Express and more!

Full description from the producer:

The new DVD covering the whole steam and heritage diesel world in the UK. Number two is 2-hours long and full of action, all for just £9.95! Contents:

* 6024, 60163 and 71000 on the Torbay Express and British Pullman

* 9466 on the Looe branch

* Yeovil 150 Open Days

* D1015 to Buxton

* 46115 to Dorset

* Tornado to Swanage and Mid-Hants and around London

* Bluebell Extension progress to East Grinstead

* 5043 on ‘The Bristolian’

* T9 30120’s first trains at Bodmin

* Duchess in black

* Mid-Hants Galas with 45379 and S&D No. 88

* ‘Barry 10’ handover

* Clan Line on British Pullman

* Dorset Coast Express featuring 60019, 30777 and 44932

* 5029/60019 and 6024/60163 doubleheading!

* Princess Elizabeth in the south

* Bulleid survey at Herston works

* Sarah Siddons on The Met

* Terrier at Swanage, and much, much more!

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