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In the 1960s the Central Office of Information (COI), produced a number of films to promote Britain and its Commonwealth to Asian governments. This set includes all 11 films from 1963, with subjects as diverse as the Royal Mint, a tour of a British doll factory, modern British architecture and rubber tree plantations.

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In the 1960s the UK Government, through the Central Office of Information (COI), produced a number of films for overseas distribution. Essentially designed to promote British industry and values abroad, Roundabout was one of the most popular of these cinemagazines, with its selection of topical stories for the Asia market. The BFI has collected all the Roundabout films from 1963 to produce a unique and fascinating glimpse back to Britain and its place in the world 50 years ago. Consisting of over 30 films, highlights include a visit to the Royal Mint, a trip around a British Doll factory and a look at modern architecture in London, Djakarta and Saigon.

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