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Totally unique! A massive collection of the very best film footage (and private cine film) of the Royal Navy in action worldwide during WWII! The films are: ‘A Sailor’s View’, ‘British Convoys’, ‘British Pacific and East Indies Fleets’, ‘Operation Torch and Neptune’, ‘King George V Battleships 1941-1942’, ‘Britannia Goes to War’ and ‘War in the Frozen North’.

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A seven disc collection of rare and never before seen footage about the Royal Navy Drawn from rare footage from a range of archives, including the Imperial War Museums own collection, Royal Navy Historian Roland R Smith gives a powerful film portrait of the Royal Navy and Britain at sea during the start of the Second World War, discovering some of its earliest actions. The collection includes: Royal Navy at War in Colour Rare archive footage filmed by serving officers from the HMS Nelson, HMS Kent, HMS Ivanhoe and HMS Laforey. British Convoys Royal Navy Historian Roland R. Smith gives a vivid look at two very different types of British convoys during the Second World War. British Pacific and East Indies Fleets Often referred to as the forgotten fleets, this is the definitive film record of these fleets, their fighting ships and men. Operation Torch and Neptune Two of the largest, most remarkable and successful operations conducted by the Royal Navy during the Second World War. King George V Battleships 1941-1942 One of the last battleships to be commissioned by the Royal Navy, it played a major role in the Second World War. Britannia Goes to War How the Royal Navy reacted to war through training of new recruits, new tactics to protect convoys in the Channel and mine sweeping of the waters. War in the Frozen North The tale of the carrier HMS Glorious from 1935 to her sinking during the doomed Norwegian Campaign of 1940.

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