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A DVD of British Railways Standard Classes of locomotives introduced onto the main lines of Britain in 1951. By 1960, when 9F 92220 “Evening Star” emerged from Swindon Works, there were a total of 999 engines in 12 classes of 6 different wheel arrangements. From an extensive archive collection of film we have been able to tell the story of these locomotives in great detail using only film from pre-1968 days, except in the case of 71000, even though we do portray her at Crewe in the early 1960s. With this one exception, all the classes shown cover the varieties and workings of the locomotives within their class and after extensive research, we believe we have found most of them! From liveries to modifications and tender types you will find them in this DVD. From the foregoing, it is obvious that we cover the country from Scotland to Wetmouth and West Wales to Tyne Dock since these locomotives were meant to traverse, within their limitations, the majority of lines on the BR network. Over 90 different engines appear in many locations. Good quality 8mm and 16mm film has been used in what is a completely different kind of DVD from our normal “area” type of film story. Some views have been seen in earlier releases and some will be used in future productions, but here we see them in a completely new context, the real story of Standard Steam.

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