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55 mins.


Working steam from the critical year of 1964 featuring nearly 90 different locos across 30 classes. See Panniers and Castles at Paddington, four engines working Exeter’s Meldon Quarry Stone Train and push-pull workings from Yeovil to Sherborne. There’s also action from the North Cornwall line, six A4s in Scotland, Oliver Cromwell steaming to Carlisle, Railtours, the High Peaks line and much more!

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Full description from the producer:

If you want steam in its last glorious year then this film will delight. No, not 1967 but 1964 when so many loved classes went from the scene.

The film taken so well by Bob Todd and seen by many at railway meetings around the country will interest those who mourn the loss of steam traction.

Bob used an all-lines railrover to visit such locations as Paddington for Panniers, 61xx and Castle classes, even a condensing pannier tank.

Exeter for four engines on the Meldon Quarry stone train, Wadebridge for 1366 class and the North Cornwall line to Okehampton.

Yeovil for 6430 and push-pull working to Sherborne and a railtour to Hereford with 5054, preclude a visit to the Cromford and High Peak line with ex-LMs 47006.

On via York with B16, 04, WD to Scotland.

Thornton Junction had B1, V2, J38 and J37.

Six different A4s are seen at Aberdeen, Perth and Stirling along with three Princess Coronation Pacifics in their last working week, green and maroon.

Britannia 70035 puts in an appearance with Jubilee, Standard Class 5s and ex-LMS Black 5s.

Bob’s failed DMU is rescued by a B1.

The film ends with a journey to Carlisle with now preserved 70013 “Oliver Cromwell”.

Wth nearly 90 different engines of 30 classes this is a superb compilation of 1964.

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