The History Of St George, Redfield and Whitehall



90 mins


St George, Redfield and Whitehall grew around Church Road, the old London Waye, which originated in Roman times. An area of meadows and market gardens evolved into a Victorian suburb, with characteristic shops, pubs, churches and schools.

Produced in conjunction with members of the Barton Hill History Group, this 90 minute documentary features many previously unreleased historical photographs.

For over a century, the focal point of the area has been St George Park, East Bristol’s playground, and the fairs in the park are recalled with particular fondness.

Many people will also remember those vibrant shops which formed the ‘Golden Mile’, such as Gwillams and David Greigs. Bristol’s oldest Tesco at Redfield has been a local landmark since 1967.

Other highlights include:

The legend of Don John’s Cross…a rare glimpse into a secluded 18th century Whitehall garden…the match factory, corset factory and Co-Op…the Granada and Park Cinemas…reminiscences of a Derby Street girl…the tragic story of Redfield House…memories of a St George barber…Churches, Schools, Pubs…and much more.

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