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42 mins.


The Porters Hill 7’ gauge Railway in Worcestershire is private and not open to the public. Made with special permission, this exclusive film takes you behind the scenes of a challenging line, and passes through farmyard, pasture, fields and rural stations. Tinkerbells are seen hard at work, transporting you round the full track in 15 minutes. Both day and night running are featured.

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Full description from the producer:

From small beginnings in 1966 the Porters Hill Railway grew and grew until now it offers an exhilarating journey through farmyard and pasture, fields and rural stations.

Brian Rogers’ fascination in railways led to the development of this unique, private, 7’gauge railway.

Porters Hill is a challenging railway and needs powerful locomotives. It’s ideally suited to narrow gauge designs like the Tinkerbells, and two of Roger Marsh’s first production batch of Tinks are based at Porters Hill.

With gleaming brass work and polished livery they are seen in action throughout this fascinating programme. Take a 15-minute journey around the track from a unique vantage point.

The development of the Porters Hill line would not have been possible without the stoic support of Brian’s wife Pru. We hear both from her and son Seamus on how it happened. It’s a railway built with a very generous helping of enthusiasm and supported by a band of dedicated friends and helpers.

With day and night running featured, here is a railway full of charm and atmosphere, the result of one man’s interest and infectious enthusiasm!

Colour and B/W archive.

Please note: The Porters Hill Railway is a private location and not open to the public. The producers and distributors of this programme respectfully request that the privacy of the owners be respected at all times. Thank you.

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