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With a fascinating combination of old film of Southampton and news stories from the archives of the Daily Echo, this superb DVD takes a nostalgic look back at a century of local life. The film starts with excited crowds greeting the coming of the new-fangled railway and ends with Southampton celebrating its elevation to city status. In between, the impact of World War, happy times and sad, controversy, tragedy and landmarks in the city’s history have been captured on film and documented by the Echo, which today provides a unique opportunity to look back at the way we were.

Re-live the days of the great trans-Atlantic liners; the sinking of the Titanic and its devastating effect on Southampton; crowds out on the streets to greet royalty to town; the opening of the Civic Centre; Southampton’s destruction by German bombs in the Second World War and the major role it played in ultimate victory; the last days of the floating bridges and the electric trams. This entertaining trip down Memory Lane is further enhanced by a selection of local songs from ‘Southampton in Song’.

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