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Throughout the centuries, bowls, one of the oldest of all sports, has captivated a lot of famous people: William Shakespeare probably played; Henry VIII certainly did; Doctor WG Grace founded the English Bowling Association; Walt Disney was a bowls nut; and everyone knows the story of Sir Francis Drake.

This DVD reveals some little-known facts about the origin of the sport, and contains some remarkable footage of the best players in action. Sit back and enjoy watching the greats of the game from David Bryant to David Gourlay, Tony Allcock to Richard Corsie, and Peter Belliss to Willie Wood. All are featured and many interviewed about their greatest moments in the game.

The magic of the world championships – indoors and out – is caught on camera, as well as some of the best action from the Commonwealth Games over the years.

For example, few people have seen the astonishing climax to the 1988 world outdoor singles final, in which David Bryant played a shot in a million to deprive Willie Wood of the title at the Henderson club in Auckland. Selected television clips illustrate just what a fascinating and challenging sport bowls is: with force and finesse being used in equal measure.

Forget the sedate image: this sport is full of tension, drama and excitement, as well as unbelievable skill. And moments of humour, too, like the famous occasion during the world indoor singles championship at Potters Leisure Resort when a streaker invaded the rink.

Someone said, “Bowls is like snooker – only with bigger balls!”  This DVD sets out to prove it, and should provide a fascinating insight into a great sport to those who know little about it – and to those who are already hooked.

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