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Unmissable! This superlative DVD collection features the very best film documentaries made by the Allies during the Second World War. The four truly historic films featured are ‘The True Glory’ (D-Day to Victory; 2 Disc Edition) ‘Desert Victory (El Alamein; 2 Disc), ‘Burma Victory’ and ‘Tunisian Victory’. Superb bonus extras too.

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This superlative DVD collection features the very best film documentaries made by the Allies during the Second World War, as well as a host of extra rare film features.

THE TRUE GLORY COLLECTOR’S EDITION (2 DISCS) Co-directed by Carol Reed in 1945, The True Glory is widely regarded as one of the greatest war documentaries ever made and won the Oscar for Best Documentary. The Allies own film record of the European campaign from D-Day to the fall of Germany, it includes some of the most devastating and memorable images of war ever captured on camera.

DESERT VICTORY (2 DISCS) Desert Victory was made by the British Army Film and Photographic Unit, in conjunction with the RAF Film Production Unit, to capture the Battle of El Alamein as it happened. Teams of cameramen followed the 8th Army troops into battle against Rommel’s Afrika Korps. Directed by Roy Boulting, the film is widely recognised as one of the best documentaries produced during the Second World War. It won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 1943.

TUNISIAN VICTORY Tunisian Victory was a 1943 joint production between the British Ministry of Information and the American Office of War Information. It included Frank Capra, John Huston and Roy Boulting among its directors credits and follows the Tunisian Campaign from preparations for the Torch landings right through to the victory parade through Tunis.

BURMA VICTORY Made by the British Army Film Unit in 1945 using film supplied by British, Indian and American combat cameramen, Burma Victory captures all the drama and brutality of the Burma Campaign, making extensive use of combat footage and reviewing the strategy and tactics employed. Directed by Roy Boulting, this film is also the most celebrated documentary to be made about Burma during the war. A bonus film features Lord Louis Mountbatten’s memories of the campaign.

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