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70 mins.


See bygone Britain through the eyes of everyday people with cine cameras! Enjoy scenes of Easter 1938 and Springtime in Devon 1939, Blackpool’s heyday, Easter 1940, Butlins at Filey, Liverpool Trams in 1957 and Trams in Leeds, Britain’s steam railways, Imperial Airways, 1950s motor scrambling, life on the wartime farm plus wedding scenes, children at play and so much more!


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Can you remember steam trains, school caps, or even trams? Every day sights like these shaped the lives of ordinary people in a way which has rarely been captured on film. Now, this unique and remarkable compilation, made entirely of home-made cinefilm footage captures these everyday scenes of Britain during the 1930s, 40s and 1950s filmed by ordinary people, showing what life was really like during those middle years of the twentieth century.

You’ll find the memories come flooding back as we focus on a huge variety of topics including:


– Family life in the 30’s with weddings, children at play including the high street and vehicles

– Easter 1938 and Springtime in Devon 1939

– A trip to the Seaside at Blackpool

– Working in a Leather Factory in Bolton

– Air Travel with Imperial Airways


– A wartime easter in 1940

– What life was like down on the farm

– Time off on a day out in Blackpool

– Butlins Holiday Camp at Filey

– A look at the Railways, long before the cuts


– Liverpool Trams in 1957 and Trams in Leeds

– Midgham motorcycle Scramble in 1954

– The Coronation of Her Majesty the Queen, June 1953

– A heartwarming look at family life at Christmas

If you’re too young to remember those exciting years, this programme will give you an excellent impression of just what you missed !

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