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Classic bikes on the famous circuits of yesteryear make up this double-bill racing special. The 1957 Thruxton Nine Hours Marathon was a testing ground for powerful Triumph, Norton and Matchless motorcycles. Like other premier tracks of the era, Thruxton was built on a World War II airfield littered with bumps and potholes, increasing the danger for drivers and creating an action-packed spectacle for racegoers. The thrill of big bike racing never fades – and this timeless programme has highlights of one historyÍs most memorable events.

Two-Wheeled Trio covers three motorcycle contests from 1958. The Cotswold Cup Trial features fierce competition between riders on single-cylinder four-stroke ‘thumpers’ produced by Ariel, BSA and Royal Enfield. The pace changes with coverage of the Isle of Man Scooter Rally – a 24 hour marathon in which riders had to maintain a 24mph average around the TT Mountain Circuit on their small-engined machines. Vespas and Lambrettas dominated the track but rarer models made by German NSU and Maico feature too.

There is also the best of the Italian Motocross Grand Prix where heavyweight MX bikes can be seen roaring around the legendary Imola circuit. Star riders of the day risk all in the three tough races that comprised the Grand Prix, including: Jeff Smith, Les Archer, Johnny Draper and Sten Lundin.

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