Classic TVNetworkTimeslip: the Complete Series (5 Discs, Subtitles, Cert U)

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This groundbreaking ATV children’s drama memorably blends hard science and fantasy in its tale of two teenagers who discover the existence of a ‘time barrier’ enabling them to travel to different periods and locations – from World War Two to chilling visions of the future.  Devised by Ruth Boswell – who would go on to produce both The Tomorrow People and Shadows – Timeslip was unabashedly intelligent and often prescient in its theme of the use and abuse of science. Well remembered to this day as a benchmark of 1970s telefantasy, this set contains all 26 episodes alongside a wealth of special features.




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Three children have vanished from the tiny Midlands village of St Oswald. First to disappear is local girl Sarah, then Simon Randall and Liz Skinner, who are on holiday with Liz’s parents. Only Commander Traynor, an apparent stranger to the area, can offer some idea of where they are – and that idea is so incredible and horrifying that the Skinners cannot believe it…

[] Behind the Barrier : feature-length documentary
[] Beyond the Barrier : mini-episode
[] Back to the Barrier : the cast return to the series location
[] 2007 Convention footage
[] PDF archive featuring scripts and production paperwork
[] Image gallery
[] Disc text features – including an overview of Timeslip comic strip artist Mike Noble



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