Classic TVNetworkSecond World WarWe’ll Meet Again: The Complete Series (4 DVDs, Cert 12)

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For three-and-a-half years, the small Suffolk town of Market Wetherby has been doggedly getting on with the war – a time of ration books, shortages and ‘making do’, of War Office telegrams and barrage balloons, of Digging for Victory and identity cards, and of BBC news on the ‘wireless’. A time, in fact, of all our yesterdays. Into this quiet corner of England arrives the 525th Bomb Group of the US Eighth Air Group, with its Flying Fortress bombers and its 2,000 officers and men, full of confidence, generosity, instant friendliness and casual violence – over-paid, over-sexed and over here. Dramatic and emotional, this prestigious drama series depicts the turbulent American “invasion” of coastal England as the Allied bombing campaign geared up for D-Day. This superb release contains all thirteen episodes.

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