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Enjoy a staggering 21 hours of the most popular TV travel show of all time! Alan Whicker’s brand of charismatic journalism captivated audiences for six decades. The content includes everything from encounters with modern Maharajahs to the ‘bathroom billionaires’ of Palm Beach; from Europe’s glittering aristocracy to the later 20th century’s most notorious dictators.

Full description from the producer:

A cultural icon, consummate interviewer and guiding light behind some of the most popular documentaries ever made, Alan Whicker’s brand of charismatic, quietly incisive television journalism captivated audiences for six decades.

Drawn from landmark series stretching from the late sixties to the early nineties, this set showcases the remarkable diversity of Whicker’s output – from encounters with modern Maharajahs to the “bathroom billionaires” of Palm Beach; from Europe’s glittering aristocracy to the later twentieth century’s most notorious dictators. Encompassing subjects ranging from Gay Lib to plastic surgery, Christian cults to cryonics, this collection represents factual television at its most compelling.

On this set:

Papa Doc – The Black Sheep
Whicker in Stroessner’s Paraguay – The Last Dictator
Harold Robbins – I’m the World’s Best Writer
I’d Like to Think I’m Nearer to God than Frankenstein
I Haven’t Taken My Own Shoes Off for 45 Years
He’s Been Hunted All is Life – Now He’s Going to Rest in Peace
I Wear a Uniform and Pack a Gun, But I’m Still a Woman
If a Cop Walked Around With Pink Hair and a Limp Wrist, it Would Discredit the Department
The Aristocracy Business
Boat People
Devil’s Island
Pixie-Dust On Goody-Goody Land
Come In, Dr Freud, All is Forgiven
You Stopped Being a Pigeon When You Got Your Throat Cut
You Used to Call Me “Boy”, Now You Got to Call Me “Mr Boy”
The Ultimate Dream, the Last Chance to Do it Right
Nothing is Utopia, This Comes Pretty Close
The Absolute Monarch
The Road from Rose Linda’s
Immortality Inc.
Prince Johannes Von Thurn Und Taxis
Husbands Shy Clear of Me, Boy..!
I Do My Duty When I Feel Like It
God Forgive Me for What I’ve Done – But it Was All Very Enjoyable
The Lord is My Shepherd, and He Knows I’m Gay
The Most Beautiful Brainwashing There Ever Was…
A Gun is s Funny Animal
Large Sums of Money Have a Very Fusty Smell
How Can I Lie About My Age When My Son Needs a Facelift..?
Even Though You’re a Maharajah, You’re a Human Being First
He’ll Never Have to Divorce Me – He Can Always Change Me…

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