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A superb celebration of British transport history and achievement. Five DVDs are included, one devoted to a century of British trains, while three more focus on 100 years of British Ships, British buses and British trams, each packed with rare and fascinating footage. The Fifth DVD offers an unrivalled look at Glasgow trams and trolleybuses from the city?s bygone, huge workings.

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100 Years of British Transport is a 5 DVD Gift Tin that covers ships, buses, trains, trams and does a deeper dive into the transportation within the city of Glasgow. This is definitely one for those who want an insight into the history of how Britain led the way in several means of transportation for decades.

100 years of British Ships: With its earliest footage dating back to 1901, this programme features a range of craft from warships to fishing boats, pleasure steamers and tugs. Port and resorts all around the coast are featured from Mallaig to Weymouth and from Holyhead to Dover. Among famous vessels included are HMS Ark Royal, the Mauretania and many others.

100 years of British Buses: Buses, Coaches & Trolleybuses are recorded over many decades at work in urban and rural settings throughout Britain. Operators range from small private coach companies to the great provincial and municipal concerns.

100 years of British Trains: This programme features great names and great trains such as the Golden Arrow and the Brighton Belle and covers a period from the heyday of steam to lines chopped by Dr Beeching’s axe. Industrial railway working practices and visits to the great cathedrals of the steam age are all here.

100 years of British Trams: Recapture the era when the tram dominated the city street with this fascinating programme. Starting with horse trams and the smoke and grime of steam trams through to the rise and decline of the electric tramcar. The programme features dozens of systems the length and breadth of the country from Aberdeen to Bournemouth.Glasgow’s Trams and Trolleybuses: Glasgow had one of the largest tramway systems in Britain, part of which survived into the 1960’s. For decades the sight of the city’s colourful trams, stately as galleons, gently swaying through its streets, was as much a part of the heart and soul of Glasgow as was the forest of cranes alongside the Clyde.

These films, made mostly in the 1950’s and 60’s, are packed with memories of that era. They recall the fashions, the shop fronts and the suburbs of a city which has changed radically in the years which have followed.

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