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This is the story of the modern Matthew – one of the most iconic symbols of Bristol's age of discovery, and of its trading and seafaring heritage. She's a faithful representation of the ship used by John Cabot when he discovered Newfoundland in 1497. Built by Bristol shipwrights to mark the 500th anniversary of Cabot's discovery, in 1997 she re-enacted the original voyage across the North Atlantic. On this journey, the Matthew followed the same course as John Cabot did in 1497; she carried the same number of crew and she took the same time to complete the crossing. On arrival at Bonavista on June 24, 1997, the Matthew was greeted by Queen Elizabeth II and the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as thousands upon thousands of Canadian well-wishers. With John Cabot being at the very heart of the country's foundation, the Matthew is as well-loved in Canada as she is in Bristol. This is her story – who had the idea to build her? How was she designed and built? What was it like to sail the North Atlantic in a tiny wooden ship and what does she do now? These and many more questions are answered in the Matthew of Bristol.

(120 pages / Hardback)

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