RailwaysBritish Air Disasters: 1920-1973

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The drama of the destruction, devastation and loss of life synonymous with aircraft disasters is evidenced here in this collection of British news reports from the golden age of the cinema newsreel.

The aftermath, physical remains and survivor testimonies of some of the most notorious air crashes, both civilian and R.A.F., are covered in this extensive overview of the period 1920 to 1973.


· The great Air Mail Crash, Hendon, 1920.
· The R101 Airship disaster of 1929.
· The RAF Crash in Edmonton in 1938, destroying 3 homes and killing 11 civilians.
· Wartime British Air Defence successes in shooting down Luftwaffe planes.
· The 1947 Tudor 2 crash that killed Lancaster designer Roy Chadwick.
· The 1950 Tudor 5 airline crash killing 80 at Sigginstone, near Cardiff.
· The 1952 Farnborough Air Show DH.110 tragedy, killing 28 spectators.
· The Comet disasters of the Fifties.
· The horrendous RAF Vulcan Crash at London Airport in 1956.
· The RAF Black Arrows ‘Great Escape’ the following year.
· 1958 – The Manchester United tragedy near Munich.
· The BAC 111, Kestrel, and BEA Vanguard Crashes of the 1960s.
· 1971 The Red Arrows lost four pilots and two Gnats during rehearsals at Kemble.
· Trident and Vanguard crashes complete this unique compilation of British Pathé and British Movietone newsreel footage.


1925 : Crash Proof Aircraft
1934 : Hendon Air Show

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