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An enchanting look back at life in bygone Darlington. Discover the early years of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, and the changing fortunes of the River Skerne. Uncover the secrets of ‘Dracula’s Castle’, the ancient Church Lane wall and the skeletons of Greenbank Road – and enjoy many other stories from Darlington – the place one King of Scotland called ‘a mucky, mucky town!

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This DVD takes a fascinating look back at life in bygone Darlington.It explores the changing fortunes of the river Skerne; reveals how the Great North Road brought history to Darlington’s doorstep; provides a unique insight into the early years of the Stockton and Darlington Railway; offers an intriguing glimpse of life in the old yards of Darlington in the 19th century; and recalls the heroic sacrifice of one Darlington family in the Great War.The DVD also uncovers many aspects of Darlington’s hidden past. We learn the secret of an ancient wall in Church Lane; find out why the building of the Market Hall was so controversial; why the Clock Tower was once known as ‘Dracula’s Castle’; why the King of Scotland called Darlington ‘a mucky, mucky town’; why Darlington’s oldest landmark is behind bars; discover why the corners of buildings in Clarkes Yard are chamfered; and how skeletons unearthed in Greenbank Road shed light on the origins of Darlington.

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