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Four highly enjoyable DVDs in one boxed gift set. Great Battleships looks at naval warfare from the start of WWI to more modern times. The Story of Tanks follows battle tanks from WWI to the Cold War. The Story of the Spitfire charts the history of the legendary fighter, while Jet Fighters takes the fighter into a more modern age.

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Military Vehicles 4 DVD Set including:


The war at sea between 1914 and 1918 was mainly between two great fleets, Britain s Royal Navy and Germany’s Imperial Navy. The Sea War encompassed all the World’s oceans. It also saw the development of new naval weapons and battle tactics. The German and British navies each had 2 roles. One was to destroy the others battle fleet and the second was to destroy the enemy s merchant shipping. Both sides went to war in 1914 with both these roles given priority. In modern times, the Navy tend to concentrate their fleets around the giant aircraft carriers. In 1914 however and later in 1939, it was the battleships that were the fleets flagships. These were the largest types of warships afloat with the biggest guns.


In this DVD, we look at the development of tanks throughout history including the German tank division, Russian tanks & U.S. tank development. We also look at tanks in the Cold War. While they would not only continue to be produced in huge numbers the technology advanced dramatically making them larger with thicker armour and generally much more effective. This is a fascinating DVD not to be missed by those with an interest in military history and weapon development.


Is there any other plane in the world that is so loved by its pilots? World War II veterans say it is a pleasure to fly, there was a magic about this magnificent plane. While Spitfires couldn’t fly at night and there was a lack of communication what the Spitfire couldn’t do was dramatically outweighed by what it could! Ever wanted to know more about the amazing feat of engineering that potentially changed the course of World War II? Then this is the DVD for you!


By the end of the Second World War, the age of propeller-driven fighter aircraft was over. This DVD chronicles the development of jet technology and its impact on the Royal Air Force with three of the force s most potent Fighters. From the pioneering test flights of the Hawker Hunter of the 1950’s, to the development of the world s first VTOL (Vertical Take Off and landing), aircraft the Hawker Harrier, including it’s dramatic role in the Falklands War. In the ground attack role, the RAF deployed the Sepecat Jaguar, one of the most sophisticated aircraft of its time. The pilots talk about what it is like to fly these computerised, mach-speed planes, and dramatic footage from training and combat shows them in action.

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