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Discover the true story behind the hit TV series, set in bygone Birmingham’s gangland at the turn of the century! The notorious gang’s real life exploits are revealed through old film and eye witness accounts, including a tour of the actual backstreets, alleys and the pubs the gang frequented – as well as the locations used in the TV show.

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Gangs are running wild. Parts of the city are no-go areas. Mass street brawls are common. Respectable citizens go in fear. A policeman is beaten to death by a mob. Welcome to 19th century Birmingham. Welcome to the violent world of the Peaky Blinders. In the squalid slums of Victorian Birmingham a violent gang culture grows. Gangs like the Cheapside Sloggers and the Garrison Lane mob wage war in the streets and gain Birmingham the reputation of the rowdiest city in the kingdom. In the 1890’s a gang emerges in the Small Heath district that will take the brutality to a new level. They are the Peaky Blinders and this is their story: It’s a compelling and shocking tale.

From newspaper reports of the time and eye witness accounts of their exploits, we can follow the rise and fall of the real Peaky Blinders; and with archive film, old photos and modern footage we can walk in their footsteps.Part 2 of ‘Peaky Blinders The True Story’ reveals how the brutal Birmingham gang became a TV sensation. Find out how Steven Knight’s parents recollections of growing up in Small Heath in the 1920’s inspired the gripping TV saga, and explore the backstreets, the alleys and the pubs that were the haunts of the real Peaky Blinders and became the setting for the acclaimed BBC drama. Hear of the real gangsters behind leading characters in the show and the real events behind many of the main storylines. Then take a tour of many of the film locations used to recreate the dark and violent world of the Peaky Blinders.

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