Acorn MediaClassic TVPenmarric: 30th Anniversary Boxed Set (4 DVDs, Subtitles. Cert 12)

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This story of love, obsession, betrayal and tragedy sets husband against wife, father against son and brother against brother.

It is over 30 years since the BBC first broadcast this epic and enthralling drama, based on the bestselling novel by Susan Howatch. Powerful and compelling, Penmarric is a weeping, historic tale of unsuppressed passion and rampant ambition, desire and destruction, spanning three generations from Victorian England to the Second World War. Set on the stormy coasts of Cornwall, Mark Castallack is the Master of Penmarric, a lost soul who finds love in the arms of Janna, an older woman and daughter of a local fisherman. The impact of their marriage on the family and community – and the dark secrets that surround it – sets off a chain of events that threatens all who cross the threshold of the grand house. The course is set towards a tragedy that will echo across time. Gloriously filmed on the rugged Cornish coast with great attention to historic detail in setting and costume, Penmarric reflects television drama at a height rarely achieved.


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