Classic TVNetworkThe Bill: The Complete Series 1-3 (10 Discs, Cert 15)

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From its origin as a single play in ITV’s Storyboard series (presented here as a special feature), The Bill began as a three hour-long series before being relaunched and reformatted into a long-running, regular weekly ratings hit. Critically acclaimed, the series became compulsive viewing for millions of people for 26 years, and this box set features some of the viewing public’s favourite characters, including DI Galloway (John Salthouse), Sgt. Cryer (Eric Richard), PC Carver (Mark Wingett), PC Litten (Gary Olsen), PC Hollis (Jeff Stewart), WPC Ackland (Trudie Goodwin) and Det. Sgt. Roach (Tony Scannell).

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This superb box set contains every episode from Series 1-3, as listed below:
Series One (Discs One to Four)
[] Storyboard ñ Woodentop
[] Funny Old Business – Cops and Robbers
[] A Friend in Need
[] Clutching at Straws
[] Long Odds
[] It’s Not Such a Bad Job After All
[] The Drugs Raid
[] A Dangerous Breed
[] Rough in the Afternoon
[] Burning the Books
[] Death of a Cracksman
[] The Sweet Smell of Failure
Series Two (Discs Five to Seven)
[] Snouts and Red Herrings
[] Suspects
[] Lost
[] Home Beat
[] Hostage
[] This Little Pig
[] Ringer
[] Public and Confidential
[] Loan Shark
[] With Friends Like That..?
[] Whose Side Are You On?
[] The Chief Super’s Party
Series Three (Discs Eight to Ten)
[] The New Order of Things
[] Some You Win, Some You Lose
[] Brownie Points
[] Missing, Presumed Dead
[] Domestics
[] What Are Little Boys Made Of?
[] Blind Alleys, Clogged Roads
[] Double Trouble
[] Sun Hill Karma
[] Skipper
[] Overnight Stay
[] Not Without Cause





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