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When Mr. Bumble-Drop builds a walking, talking, battery-powered boy, it¹s the start of a series of magical adventures for Torchy and the toys of Topsy-Turvy Land. This charming series from Space Patrol creator Roberta Leigh and “puppet-maestro” Gerry Anderson paved the way for his pioneering Supermarionation techniques that he later used in series such as Thunderbirds. The complete first series of 26 episodes appears here for the first time on DVD. This wonderful, fun children’s series will appeal to anyone who has enjoyed Gerry Anderson’s puppet series (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet) and archive television fans everywhere!


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Episode listing:

• Pom-Pom and the Toys • Topsy Turvy Land • Torchy and Squish • The Building of Frutown • Torchy and the Broken Rocket • King Dithers • Torchy Goes Back To Earth • Bossy Boots Goes To Topsy Turvy Land • Bossy Boots Is Taught a Lesson • A Bell For a Penny Farthing • A Trick On Pom-Pom • Torchy Is Stolen • King Dithers Loses His Crown • Pilliwig Gets a Present• Bad Boy Bogey • Torchy and the Strange Animal • Bossy Boots Forgets To Be Good • Hungry Money Box • The Naughty Twins • The Twins Learn a Lesson • King Dithers Goes Down To Earth • Torchy Escapes At Last • Torchy and the Man In the Moon • Bogey and the Statues • The Moon Falls Asleep • Torchy’s Birthday

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