Classic TVSpiritYes Minister & Yes Prime Minister: Complete Collection (8 DVDs, Subtitles, Cert PG)

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All 38 episodes of the classic BBC political comedy set in Westminster starring Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne and Derek Fowlds.


Yes Minister Series 1-3 & ‘Party Games’ Christmas Special:  Meet James Hacker MP, Minister for Administrative Affairs, as he attempts to make the world of officialdom and administration make sense. However, James also has his own agenda as he tries to keep his head above political water. Also, meet Sir Humphrey Appleby, an unflappable civil servant who happens to be James Hacker’s nemesis.


Yes, Prime Minister Series 1 & 2
After coming into power as a result of protests against European plans to eradicate the British Sausage, new Prime Minister Jim is swiftly up against bigger problems than before. Dealing with cabinet reshuffles, trying to stop small wars and just maybe rescuing a sheepdog from Salisbury Plain. Sir Humphrey, now Cabinet Secretary, is even more determined than ever to prevent Hacker doing anything new.


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