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Comprising a massive 26 episodes, this award-winning series explores covert aspects of the 20th century’s major conflicts, offering remarkable new insights. ‘Secrets of War’ features interviews with experts and eyewitnesses, rare archive footage and authentic re-enactments to reveal the behind-the-scenes intelligence triumphs that shaped history.

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This award-winning series explores lesser-known aspects of the twentieth century’s major conflicts, offering remarkable new insights into the hidden world of covert operations. Based on information that had been only recently de-classified at the time of its transmission, Secrets of War features interviews with authors and eyewitnesses, rare archive footage and authentic re-enactments.

Twenty-six hour-long films cover subjects such as sabotage and secret communications during the First World War, the development of ‘super-guns’, Cold War brinkmanship, the intelligence support enabling Israel’s victory in the Six Day War, the secret methods of the Viet Cong and the air war over Vietnam, and the use of ‘stealth’ weapons technology and clandestine operations during the Gulf War. A large number of episodes focus on the Second World War; these examine such aspects as the French Resistance, the pivotal role of British codebreakers, the vital work of female agents operating in occupied Europe, the sources and probable fate of Nazi wealth, and the misinformation that kept the D-Day invasion shrouded in mystery.

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